Step-by-Step for Kinetic Recyclers

1. Login & Sign Up

Login, sign up and set the Kinetic site as a bookmark or favorite on your phone so that scheduling a pick up each time is a breeze.

2. Collect Glass Bottles & Jars

Instead of tossing your used glass bottles and jars into the trash, drop them in the Kinetic bin until you're ready to schedule a pick up. Make sure it's acceptable to be recycled.

3. Schedule a Pick Up

Once your bin is full, simply place it out on the curb and schedule a pick up on the Kinetic website. There is no set day - it's whenever you need it!

4. The Rest is Up to Us

Once notified, someone from our team will come by, grab your full bin and replace it with a new, clean one ready for you to fill again!

Congratulations! You will divert approximately 20 lbs of glass from the landfill and put it back into the system to be reused again each time you participate.