Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Kinetic? Find a list of frequently asked questions below, or feel free to send us an email via the Contact Us page.

What is the cost of a subscription?

Here at Kinetic, we offer two options for subscription – a Residential option for your home or apartment, as well as a Commercial option for your business. The Residential subscription is $10 per month, paid annually, plus a one-time bin fee of $20. A Commercial subscription is $100 per month, paid annually, plus a one-time bin fee of $100. For Commercial subscriptions, monthly invoicing can be provided upon request.

How big are the bins?

For Residential customers, the Kinetic bin is a standard sized, 14-gallon blue recycle bin. For Commercial customers, it will vary depending upon the business. Most are a 96-gallon roller bin.

How often do you pick up?

We offer up to three pick ups per calendar month. Once your bin is full, simply place it out on the curb and schedule a pick up on the Kinetic website. There is no set day to request any of the three allotted pick ups per month - it's whenever you need it!

How do I schedule a pick up?

The simplest way to schedule a pick up is to scan the QR code on the side of your Kinetic bin using your phone camera, sign in to the website if you are not already logged in, and click the "Schedule a Pick Up" button on the site. That will alert our team that your bin is full, out at the designated spot and ready for collection.

Why do you charge annually?

The credit card / payment processing fees administered through a secured 3rd party are charged on a per-transaction basis, so by only billing once per year we are able to keep the costs down for our customers.

I just signed up. When will I get my bin?

Typically, your Kinetic bin will arrive within 48 hours of subscription. You DO NOT need to Schedule a Pick Up to receive your initial bin. If you have glass that you have been storing and want us to collect, please leave it curbside in its current receptacle and we will pick it up and replace it at the same time we deliver your Kinetic bin.

What type of glass can I recycle?

All glass bottles and jars are acceptable for recycling through Kinetic. Mirrors, ceramic, light bulbs, crystal, etc are not recyclable through our service.

What is your service area?

Currently, we are serving the Birmingham, Homewood, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, Irondale, Crestwood and Forest Park communities.

Where does the glass go once it’s recycled?

After collection, the glass is stored here locally in a small warehouse until a critical mass is reached. At that point, we transport it to the nearest Material Recovery Facility (MRF) to be reprocessed and reused downstream.

How do I sign up?

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