Who We Are

Kinetic Recycling is a subscription based, curb-side glass recycling service that allows Birmingham area residents and businesses the ability to divert used glass bottles and jars from landfills in a convenient, environmentally friendly manner.

Our Philosophy

At Kinetic, we believe people want to do their part in protecting and preserving the communities in which we all work, live and play. But we also know they want a method that is convenient and peace-of-mind knowing that the items they do choose to recycle will indeed be recovered, reprocessed and reused downstream.

Today, there are few options to recycle glass in our state, and no material recovery facilities to accommodate demand. Traditional refuse and recyclers don't accept it, and unfortunately putting it in single-stream bins along with other paper, plastic and aluminum could contaminate the entire process, forcing all contents (and good intentions) right into the landfill.

Despite the inconvenience however, many people still choose to go the extra mile to load messy glass containers into their cars, haul them to the big box store and drop them off into often-overflowing receptacles when they remember to do so.

That's where we come in. We believe everyone should aspire to reduce and reuse where possible, but when that isn't feasible, we want to offer a recycling alternative that is local, trusted and trouble-free.

In the end, our vision is to make a difference. And our mission is to make it easy for you to do the same.